Who We Are

My Fellow Guyanese,
Your voting decision on March 2, 2020 will determine the quality of life for you, your family, your community and our beloved Guyana. As Change Makers we must improve the quality of life of all communities and all Guyanese stakeholders. We must offer HOPE to all: Happiness, Opportunities, Prosperity and Empowerment.
On March 2, patriotism must defeat tribal ethnicity. We must never return to the dark years and horror stories of the last 50 years. After decades of gold, bauxite, sugar and timber, Guyanese still suffer from blackouts, a lack of clean water, hopeless healthcare, failing education and inadequate housing. We deserve better-paying, sustainable jobs, a lower tax burden and a better quality of life.
Change Guyana rejects violence and ethnic voting, the PNC Kleptocracy State and the hubris of the PPP/C. Change Guyana is committed to eradicating racism, corruption and poverty.
Every Guyanese must get their Fair Share of Guyanese Wealth! March 2 is about receiving Your Fair Share of Guyana’s Oil Wealth. Guyana has the potential to emerge as one of the wealthiest countries per person in the Western Hemisphere-the national leadership must do right by the people.
On Election Day March 2, 2020, I humbly ask you to ask your family, your friends, your neighbors and your community to cast their vote for Change Guyana!
Robert Badal, Presidential Candidate

Mishka Puran, Prime Ministerial Candidate

Change Guyana’s Prime Ministerial candidate is one of Guyana’s most dedicated and vocal advocates for the rights of the vulnerable in our society.

Attorney at law Mishka Puran was called to the bar in 2005. Since then she has been focussed in her independent law practice on fighting the inequities of gender discrimination, poverty and the disproportionate experience of violence by our women and girls.

Mishka has defended the cause of families, children, immigrants, and those trapped in poverty in a real way. Ms Puran has had an outstanding success rate in the courts, dealing with all sectors, from business to NGOs. She has established a name for herself and for Guyana by her leadership role in a Caribbean-wide association of attorneys who lead by example in their pro bono work.

Ms Puran understands the impacts that our high tax burden and low level of services have had on life for the average Guyanese, especially single mothers and children of low-income households. She has given her time voluntarily to help fix some of those problems in the justice system.

She brings to the party a clear plan for creating the institutions, laws and programs that will help our government and future governments to respond to crimes of harassment, workplace discrimination, abuse and human rights violations. Her experience will drive our legislative and advocacy agenda in the coming years.
Together Change Guyana will defend those who are disadvantaged and unrepresented today.

Nigel Hinds, Chairman and Co-Founder

Nigel Hinds, a Certified Public Accountant, is partner of Nigel Hinds Financial Services. He graduated from University of Guyana in 1995 and continued building his qualifications in accounting and business administration. He completed an MBA from Everest University in 2006 and has worked in the Guyana business environment as accountant, auditor and analyst. This gives him an in-depth knowledge of the business culture and history.

His concerns about transparency in business led him to team up with prominent business owner Robert Badal. Together they hope to influence the business culture of Guyana’s future to be accountable to the public and all stakeholders, lifting Guyana’s international reputation as a safe and efficient centre of international trade.