Women’s Rights and Youth

Change Guyana recognises that a country cannot effectively move forward if there is stagnation of women’s rights. Gender equality is a fundamental right. Change Guyana aims to champion women’s rights by giving women more representation in political and economic arenas.

Young people can also be vulnerable and disadvantaged by their age and lack of experience. We need policies, legislation and support channels to equally give youth a fair chance to get training and experience without exploitation. This means making public transport safer, and strengthening the safeguards to a healthy, respectful home and work environment.

The aspirations of our young people who, in their own words, have declared that the future of Guyana belongs to its young people, who aspire to live in a safe society which respects their dignity, protects their rights, recognizes their potential, listens to their voices, provides opportunities, ensures a healthy environment and encourages people of all races to live in harmony and peace and affirm that their declaration will be binding to our institutions and be a part of the context of our basic law”. (PREAMBLE, 26) – Guyana Constitution

Our Policies

Change Guyana’s commitments on Rights and Protections for Women :

  • Increase representation of women and youth at every institutional level
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • No job discrimination based on gender or age
  • An independent sexual harassment tribunal
  • Strengthen domestic violence legislation
  • Gender sensitivity awareness campaign in public/private sectors
  • Strengthen the family court system
  • Train police to respond appropriately to cases of violence against women
  • End sexual harassment in public transport
  • Employ more Women Police Officers

Change Guyana’s Commitments for Young People

  • Establish a Community Mentoring Program
  • Create a National Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Develop a Creative Music Label
  • E-learning platform for Online Lifelong Education Certification
  • Setting up a Programming Incubator for the games development creative field
  • Internship Program with sustainable living wages
  • Create a diaspora mentoring program
  • Appointing young, qualified persons to State Boards where possible
  • Development program in Entrepreneurship and Micro Financing
  • Home Ownership Program for first-time owners under the age of 25 years
  • Establish a national Human Resource requirements assessment
  • Encourage banks and other lending institutions to finance entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and micro-enterprises by use of tax credits
  • Establish tax credits for corporations which create, adopt or maintain community sports facilities