It’s time to put away a myth that has fooled the people of Guyana for 50 years and more: “corruption is a victimless crime”. We have heard it so many times, “so what if a politician gets a little extra on the side?” YOU and ME are the only ones paying the price–so let’s call it like it is: robbery from the poor.

When a contract is awarded but the product is never delivered, the money was taken from the budget for schools and hospitals. Take for example the conditions in Nigeria, a country that produces a million barrels a day and has been an oil exporter for decades. The situation in 2020 is still this: “Power cuts, low pay and challenging work conditions for medical professionals are compounded by Nigeria’s larger problems of economic instability, insecurity and nepotism in recruitment processes, resulting in many doctors leaving the country.” (Reported Jan 7-2020 by The Guardian: “Surgery by Torchlight“)

When a concession is given out to a company that pays a tiny fraction of what it should have paid, that money was taken away from a budget for providing medicines, supplies and nurses to a hospital, or policemen and social workers to a suffering community.

That is why Change Guyana has made corruption Enemy Number One! After 28 years of PNC’s rule, 23 years of PPP’s and four and a half years of APNU in office, Guyana ranks as the second-poorest nation in the hemisphere. Only Haiti is poorer. Do you really want to still ‘wait and see’ how much worse it could get?  We know exactly what they will do if they take Government again.

Change Guyana commits to renegotiating bad contracts, and making important agreements about our national resources open for all to see.

Our Policies

Change Guyana is committed to:

  • Constitutional Reform
  • Electoral Reform
  • National Power-Sharing Framework
  • Local Government Devolution
  • Regulation of Campaign Financing
  • Procurement Legislation
  • Institutional Strengthening of Integrity Legislation
  • Public Sector Reform – including the offices of Contractor General and Integrity Ombudsman
  • Source of Funds legislation
  • Freedom of Information legislation
  • Review of Production Sharing Agreements for oil and energy related industries
  • Establish specialized funds with National oil dividends.