Jobs for All

Everyone talks about a coming boom–but how will that boom change your life, your household?

The truth is, if you and your family cannot get good jobs, then the boom does not benefit you–but it should.

Creating jobs takes serious business management experience. We need a Government that can do more than talk and create high-end positions for a select few.

Guyanese businesses, small and large need better access to loans to get started and keep expanding. Workers need training in safe and accessible facilities. They need reliable transport on good roads. All of these are a must if we are to really see a ‘boom’ in new businesses servicing the oil and gas industry.

In addition, we are very cognizant of the missed opportunities in the traditional sectors before our very eyes: the failure to maintain the jobs in the sugar industry; the lack of support to make agriculture thrive and generate export income; the poor infrastructure and regulation that makes manufacturing costly and inefficient.

Change Guyana will not only put the regulatory and infrastructure support in place to help Guyanese businesses into the energy sector, but also to revive and strengthen the opportunities in other very important sectors like farming, sustainable forestry, and manufacturing.

Our Policies

Change Guyana will advocate to:

  • Establish a Climate Change Community Entrepreneurship Fund
  • Set up an Entrepreneurship Program for displaced workers
  • Enact Local Content legislation for strategic sectors such as the energy and extractive industries
  • Enact “Guyanese First” Corporate Legislation for all overseas companies and partnerships
  • Create a National Infrastructure Corporation – Bridges, Roads, Ports, Sea Defences, Public Buildings and Special Economic Zones for Berbice, Linden and Georgetown
  • Roll out a Smart Country, Smart Town, Smart Village 5G+ Platform – supporting e-government services such as e-learning, e-health, e-registry, e-business and artificial intelligence incubators for global initiatives
  • Mandate mentoring programs for the teaching, medical, protective and public services