National Security

We have an insecurity and crime epidemic in Guyana.

The leading causes of crime are poverty, illiteracy, inequality and unemployment, and drug and alcohol use. Change Guyana would implement the following national security and crime policies and programs.

Our Policies

Change Guyana commits to:

  • Professional standards for the recruitment and hiring of police officers
  • Continuous professional skills building for police officers
  • Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in major populated areas
  • Community policing on a strategic basis, with a concentration on high-crime areas
  • Monitoring systems to identify drug and alcohol abuse, especially among youths
  • Increase salaries, health and life benefits for all security personnel
  • A zero tolerance policy on drug, alcohol, and gun offences and money laundering activities
  • E-policing design to improve community trust in police officers
  • Introduce drone surveillance and adopt an “over-the-horizon” border patrol
  • Establish a river and shoreline patrol to combat piracy
  • Implement a mentoring program for first-time offenders to help keep them out of a future life of crime
  • Build state of the art prison facilities
  • Overall improvement in our Justice System, with special emphasis on legal representation for the poor
  • Establish a Family Court and a Night Court