Social Agenda

All the many cultures that make up our nation share certain common core values: we all believe in the vital importance of the family.

Families come in many shapes and sizes, and the bonds that give stability to the younger generation, and support to the elders, can include close members of the community and neighbours.

These are fundamentally important. A risk of rapid urbanization is that we leave behind the support systems of home towns and villages too quickly, leaving parents unsupported and seniors and young children vulnerable and alone.

If there is ONE THING that revenues from oil exports should provide, it is SUPPORT TO FAMILIES. Through our Youth Policies, Women’s Rights Policies and strategies for Health Care, Change Guyana has plans to support families and communities, from relieving the costs of education to improving facilities and adding staff to our health care system.

Our Policies

  • Develop a national anti-discrimination legislative framework to combat racism and “me-too” harassment and discrimination
  • Establish a Shared-Experience mentoring portal
  • Home care visiting the elderly, poor and shut-ins
  • Hot meals program for our children, unemployed, poor and elderly
  • Kindergarten Facilities per communities
  • Community free internet portal
  • Fostering healthy lifestyles
  • Community forum for conflict resolution, patriotism, cultural heritage programs and low carbon projects