Interrupted, unreliable power supply is much more than an inconvenience to daily life. For the vulnerable and ill, it can be life-threatening; for young families it can hold back children’s progress in learning and studying; for businesses it means a costly burden of investing in generators to keep vital operations going to earn money. Fixing our power grid–and incorporating a more modern and responsible approach to renewable energy–is long overdue.

Our Policies

Change Guyana commits to:

  • Modernize Guyana Power and Lights’ Operations with the sole intent of ending Blackouts
  • Reduce electricity rates to the consumers
  • Implement a comprehensive plan to renew transmission lines to 138KV or higher resulting in high transmission losses
  • Improve the GPL procurement policies and prepare a Strategic Plan that would develop a Smart Grid
  • Phased Privatization of Generating Assets
  • Generation of electricity to be private sector managed and owned. Electricity to supplied to GPL under a Power Purchase (PPA) arrangement.