The Problem

A good schooling in a safe environment is the foundation stone to most people’s options in life. Unfortunately, for many families the costs of obtaining this for their children are too high. For the minority who finish the school curriculum and graduate, there are too few opportunities to put their qualifications to work at a decent wage.

If there was one singular, best way to allocate new revenues from the evolving oil sector, it would be to put that money into providing quality education, to all age groups, at no cost to citizens.

There is no better way to ensure that all of us living in Guyana today and our children who will be growing up and building families in the future, will have a solid start and support to succeed. Education gives the next generation better options, and it also opens up worldwide access to higher value jobs for Guyanese in all sectors.

If the would-be leaders do not see fit to give all Guyanese children equal access to modern and relevant education with the additional revenues now coming in from the oil sector, ask yourself why not!

Our Promises

Change Guyana will advocate in Parliament to provide:

  • Free education from Nursery to University including TVET training
  • Creation of Scholarships annually to the top performing students across Guyana for them to pursue specialized studies based on our human resource needs
  • Increased focus on Mathematics, English, Technology and Science subjects
  • Opportunities for youths living in poverty and vulnerable and disadvantaged youths to be provided with training and vocational education
  • Where necessary, new technical and vocational centers to be expanded to reach rural areas in partnership with the private sector, guaranteeing that jobs will be available for graduates
  • Expansion of the Government Technical Institute and the Board of Industrial Training to allow for easier access by youths in rural and hinterland communities.
  • Employment of Teaching experts in Technical, Vocational and Remedial training both from Guyana and overseas to train our teachers to make curriculum materials more relevant to the job market
  • Life-Long Education focus on Mathematics, English, Sciences, Languages, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.
  • E-learning Platform
  • Enhancement of funding to Educational Institutions and Educators’ Remuneration