We're on a mission to ignite the economy and transform Guyana!

My Fellow Guyanese,
Your voting decision on March 2, 2020 will determine the quality of life for you, your family, your community and our beloved Guyana.

As Change Makers we must improve the quality of life of all communities and all Guyanese stakeholders. We must offer HOPE to all: Happiness, Opportunities, Prosperity and Empowerment.

On March 2, patriotism must defeat tribal ethnicity. We must never return to the dark years and horror stories of the last 50 years. After decades of gold, bauxite, sugar and timber, Guyanese still suffer from blackouts, a lack of clean water, hopeless healthcare, failing education and inadequate housing. Guyana needs efficient, effective, trustworthy and transparent leadership. We deserve proven leadership that we can trust. We deserve better-paying, sustainable jobs, a lower tax burden and a better quality of life.

Fellow Guyanese, we must look inward, each of us being responsible as to where we go as a nation, as a people, as one family. Guyana has the potential to emerge as one of the wealthiest countries per person in the Western Hemisphere.

National Leadership is about the people and doing right by them. Change Guyana is the Right Change, Right Party, Right Now. Change Guyana rejects violence and ethnic voting, the PNC Kleptocracy State and the hubris of the PPP/C. Change Guyana is committed to eradicating racism, corruption and poverty.

Every Guyanese must get their Fair Share of Guyanese Wealth! March 2 is about receiving Your Fair Share of Guyana’s Oil Wealth. On Election Day March 2, 2020, I humbly ask you to ask your family, your friends, your neighbors and your community to cast their Vote for Change Guyana!

Robert Badal
Presidential Candidate, Change Guyana


Provide strong, visionary and inclusive leadership at the Political Level
Harness the creativity, innovation and hard working spirit of Guyanese to build a strong, open and
vibrant economy that progressively elevate our currently depressed standard of living.
Inspire unity and harmony among all races, and social partners groups by restoring public confidence
in an open, honest and accountable government.
Arresting the ever spiral of corruption in public office by elevating standards of living, stronger
integrity legislation and enforcement.
Inspire a culture of entrepreneurship to direct wealth creation through broad based fiscal incentives,
lower taxes, and removing bureaucratic obstacles.
A program of fiscal, structural and economic reform
Encourage strong religious freedom that build strong family traditions and communities.