We're on a mission to ignite the economy and transform Guyana!

The biggest challenge facing Guyana is undoubtedly its economic woes caused by decades of leadership which have been unable to competently layout a vision and strategy to make Guyana a rich and productive nation and fulfill the aspiration of its citizens.

Nigel Hinds and I have teamed up and with your help and support we will lead Guyana out of economic underdevelopment. Our decades of successful experience in building billion dollar businesses will be put to work everyday, in every community, in every sector to produce a strong, vibrant and resilient economy and society.

We promise a lean, clean, open, transparent and accountable Government. Our focus, and that of our team, will be on the economic development and transformation of Guyana and its people through harnessing the entrepreneurial energies of the private sector and the guardianship of civil society which would result in opportunities for all.

Please join us to give families across Guyana an opportunity to live, work and enjoy a safe and productive Guyana.

Robert Badal, Presidential Candidate


Provide strong, visionary and inclusive leadership at the Political Level test test
Harness the creativity, innovation and hard working spirit of Guyanese to build a strong, open and
vibrant economy that progressively elevate our currently depressed standard of living.
Inspire unity and harmony among all races, and social partners groups by restoring public confidence
in an open, honest and accountable government.
Arresting the ever spiral of corruption in public office by elevating standards of living, stronger
integrity legislation and enforcement.
Inspire a culture of entrepreneurship to direct wealth creation through broad based fiscal incentives,
lower taxes, and removing bureaucratic obstacles.
A program of fiscal, structural and economic reform
Encourage strong religious freedom that build strong family traditions and communities.